Troublesome Terps

The podcast about things that keep interpreters up at night.

2018 Live Event

Our live event is now history! We had a great afternoon at The Roebuck pub that November day. If you missed it or want to relive everything, we've got you covered:

Morning session at London Met University

Live Event

Thanks to our awesome Indiegogo backers!


  • Interpreters' Help (Benoît, Yann & team)
  • Linguali (James Anderson & team)
  • Kirsty Heimerl-Moggan
  • Gina Stoll
  • Katja Stoewer
  • Ewandro Magalhaes & Kudo Multilingual Collaboration
  • Barry S. Olsen & InterpretAmerica
  • Jesse "Superfan" Tomlinson
  • Kerstin Cable & Fluent Language
  • Leonie "Hamilton" Wagener
  • Rafael Adam
  • Katrina Mayfield
  • Paul Appleyard
  • Amelie Aichinger
  • David Lauman
  • Katerina Nijenhuis
  • Claire Amoroso
  • Judy Jenner
  • Sonja "Secret Life" Willner
  • Paul Pryce-Jones
  • Scilla "Chocaholic" Di Donato
  • Elizabeth Essary
  • Pablo José Ventura Colomé
  • Abigail Calzada
  • Eoin Ward
  • Nuria Campoy Sánchez
  • Jose Sentamans Pla
  • Katherine Schirmer-Tully
  • Teresa Lopez Gonzalez

So much #terplove!