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"Yo dudes".

That's how Jonathan opened an email to the two Alexanders on 13 January 2016. (It’s okay, he grew out of that phase.) The three gentlemen had exchanged emails for a while giving each other notes on articles or helping out with tricky questions.

Jonathan and Alexander (G) knew each other from volunteering at ITI in the UK.

Jonathan and Alexander (D) met on Twitter and had previously recorded an episode of the LangFM podcast together.

The two Alexanders probably met online somewhere, and then definitely at the 2014 FIT Congress in Berlin. They have also recorded a LangFM episode together.

"Yo dudes".

That email exchange led to the idea of setting up a joint website to publish material we had written individually. Jonathan's working title? "Boyz in the Booth". Yes, really. Thankfully, the project quickly pivoted towards a podcast:

"AD, if we sweet talk you, could we do some kind of quarterly podcasty thing as well, with just us mucking around on some vague theme? I think having an off-beat, unserious site might help us play with ideas. We can hide behind bad pseudonyms if needed but I do like the idea of advertising ourselves as interpreting's answer to Take That. As long as I don't have to dance."

And that's how the podcast came about. Alexander (D) came up with the title, shamelessly adapted from "Troublesome Tots", a website for sleep-deprived parents, now called "Precious Little Sleep".

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