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Contact Us

We love to hear from listeners and are always open to feedback, good or bad. Feel free to use the contact form below or say hi on our social media accounts.

Please read before you suggest a guest or topic

The Troublesome Terps are always on the lookout for new topics and interesting guests. We regularly take on topics suggested by listeners and really value suggestions. The best topic suggestions cover issues affecting a wide variety of interpreters: from students still learning conference interpreting to the most experienced educational interpreter on the planet. If you think you have a great topic suggestion, please drop us an email.

We also love to hear suggestions for potential guests. There are, however, a few more guidelines there. To make sure we stay relevant to our listeners, we will almost never invite a guest on the show on the basis of a suggestion from someone who is related to them financially. This includes paid PR representatives, personal assistants and other staff. As with topics, we are really looking for guests who would be of interests to as wide a range of interpreters as possible. We also tend not to invite guests whose purpose for coming on is to promote a product. (We let Jonathan's books get a pass because he's been here forever.)

Lastly, one small thing. We really would recommend that you check our episode archive and listen to a few episodes before you pitch. While some subjects are evergreen and get revisited often, if we have just covered a topic, we're unlikely to go back to it for a while.

Happy pitching!