Kilian Seeber

Special guest

Kilian G. Seeber is associate professor and Vice Dean of the University of Geneva's Faculty of Translation and Interpreting (FTI). He is the program director of the MA in Conference Interpreting (MACI) and the MAS in Interpreter Training (MASIT) as well as PI in the Laboratory for Cognitive Research in Interpreting (LaborInt) and in the Laboratory on Interpreting and Technology (InTTech).

Kilian earned a graduate degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Vienna (Austria), a postgraduate degree and a PhD in Interpreting from the University of Geneva (Switzerland) before completing his postdoctoral work in psycholinguistics at the University of York (United Kingdom).

Kilian’s research interests include cognitive load and multimodal processing during complex language processing tasks, topics on which he has published widely. He has co-developed the FTI’s online learning platform TR@IN, and devised a cognitive ergonomic training approach for different interpreting modalities. To this day, Kilian is a practising conference interpreter accredited with the European Institutions and the European Patent Office as well as an active member of AIIC.

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