Michaela Haller

Special guest

Michaela Haller is a German native freelance conference interpreter (M.A.) and translator
(B.A.) for English. She also works as a sworn court interpreter. Her home base is the city of
Karlsruhe located in southwestern Germany.
Michaela is also the co-founder of Denkmaldolmetschen (www.denkmaldolmetschen.de), a
network of specialized interpreters offering interpreting and translation services in the field
of heritage conservation and World Heritage.
In February 2020, she started her own podcast (https://2komma56.de/). In ”2,56
Quadratmeter”, she interviews colleagues who have something interesting to say related to
interpreting, translation or running your own business.
Michaela is a member of the German Association of Interpreters and Translators BDÜ and
the German Association of Conference Interpreters VKD.

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