Episode 30

Alex and Alex do London Met


10 December 2018

1 hr 48 mins 12 secs

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When in Rome - or London as it were - why only settle for one live event when you can have two?
On November 17th, hours before the big podcasting event at The Roebuck, the two Alexes were invited by Danielle D'Hayer, course leader of the MA Conference Interpreting at London Metropolitan University, to join her and a group of students in their language lab for a lively Q&A session. The students contributed many questions ahead of time and even "on the fly" on the day and had an interesting discussion. Questions include (among others): most difficult speakers, how to prepare for an assignment, how to deal with stressful situations or how to best chose a new language you want to learn.
Thanks again to Danielle D’Hayer and London Met alumnus Hugo Menendez who helped put this event together.

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