Episode 41

Live in Geneva: 100 Years of Conference Interpreting


23 October 2019

41 mins 3 secs

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Just in time for the big 100th anniversary since conference interpreters were first truly needed after the League of Nations had been founded in the wake of 1919's signing of the Treaty of Versailles, the University of Geneva hosted a big, international extravaganza commemorating and celebrating the past, present and future of conference interpreting.

The Troublesome Terps were honored to be invited to host the closing town hall discussion of the conference on "The Future of Interpreting". Come with us and take a gander through some of the past and a lot of the possible future(s) of our profession and let us know what you think!

Note: This episode is in English and French. A big shoutout to Christopher Sainsbury who was kind enough to allow us to use his interpreting from German into English.

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