Troublesome Terps

The podcast about things that keep interpreters up at night.

About the show

Troublesome Terps is a roundtable-style podcast covering topics from the interpreting space and the wider world of languages. The hosts - Jonathan Downie, Alexander Drechsel, Alexander Gansmeier, and Sarah Hickey - discuss them amongst themselves or with high-profile guests from the industry.

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  • 2: Stress and Burnout

    2 March 2016  |  52 mins 20 secs
    burnout, interpreter, interpreting, language, stress

    In the second instalment of our podcast, we talk about stress and burnout among interpreters.

  • 1: Dictionaries On Legs

    13 February 2016  |  28 mins 57 secs
    babelfish, interpreting, language, technology

    Welcome to the first and inaugural episode of Troublesome Terps, a roundtable podcast of interpreters who take issue with anything and everything and who are not afraid to go figuratively and boldly where no interpreter has gone before. I am joined by Jonathan Downie and Alexander Gansmeier. Our topic in this episode: machine interpreting.